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Class-XII/MEDICAL /Botany /Plant Kingdom /Algae /Introduction
  1. Terrestrial - The algae found in moist soil and wall. eg. Terrentofolia

  2. Epiphytes - Algae which are present on plants eg. Protococcus

(3) Endophytes - Algae which are present inside plants eg. Coleochaete nitelum (in Nitella plant)

(4) Epizoic - Algae which are present on animals eg. Cladophora (present on Mollusca shell)

(5) Endozoic - Algae which are present inside the body of animals eg. Zoochlorella and Zooxenthellae (inside the Hydra)

(6) Parasites - Algae that live as parasite and causes diseases eg. Cephaleuros (algae remains in the leaves of tea plant), Cephaleuros causes red rust disease of tea

(7) Thermophilic - Algae found in hot water. eg. Chlorella

(8) Cryophytes - Algae which are present in polar regions and Low Temperature. eg. Chlamydomonas (some species), Haematococcus nivalis (It develops red snow in polar region.)

(9) Epiphloephytes - Algae arise on bark of trees.

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