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Class-XII/MEDICAL /Botany /Microbiology /Virus /Introduction
  • Holmes divides the virus in the three groups–

    • Phytophaginae (Plant virus)

    • Zoophaginae (animal virus)

    • Phagina (Bacteriophage)

  • Phytophaginae

    • Cistrus tristeza virus. (Largest in all group) It length is 1300 nm.

    • Smallest plant virus– Satellite tobacco necrosis virus (17 nm).

    • Longest plant virus - Citrus tristeza virus.

    • Smallest animal virus - Foot and mouth virus.

    • Largest animal virus - Pox virus.

    • Complicated animal virus - Parrot fever virus.

    • Satellite virus - Virus that depend upon another virus for multiplication called satellite virus.

    • Satellite tobacco necrosis virus depend upon the tobacco necrosis virus.

    • Smallest bacteriophage – Coliphage - (2nm). (Smallest virus in all groups).

    • Largest bacteriophage - Teven phage -

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