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Class-XII/MEDICAL /Botany /Microbiology /Mycoplasma /Introduction
Category Classification
Kingdom Monera
Class Mollicute (soft skin) cell wall absent.
Order Mycoplasmatales
Family Mycoplasmataceae
Genus Mycoplasma
  • Members of Mycoplasma genus required sterol for growth (Ureoplasma required urea for growth).

  • MLO (Mycoplasma - like organisms) or PPLO (pleuropneumonia like organisms) or MLB (Mycoplasma like bodies) are the smallest (0.1 - 0.3 micron) or (0.1 – 0.5 micron) and simplest free living Gram negative, nonmotile, monerans or procaryotes.

  • May be spherical, ovale or any shape also called ‘Joker of Microbiology or plant kingdom’. Because these are pleomorphic or ability to change shape.

  • There is no effect of penicillin because cell wall is absent. Penicillin inhibit the synthesis of cell wall. Tetracycline inhibit the growth of Mycoplasma and also inhibit the protein synthesis ormetabolic activity.

  • Outermost covering of Mycoplasma is plasma membrane in this mesosomes are absent.

    • It is obligate anaerobe. Cyclosis is absent in cytoplasm. Mycoplasma has dense cytoplasm. Membrane bounded cell organelles are absent. Mitochondria, E R,G.B,lysosomes are absent. 70s ribosome are present.

    • Ribosomes are present in group so they are called polysome. They have primitive nucleus that is called nucleoid or genophore. Nucleoid is present in form of nacked circular. ds DNA.

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