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How it works


Download Extraclass Student Application

Want to learn and score more marks? Download the extraclass android application, create a profile by selecting class and location.


Start studying with extraclass

Start studying for free using our animated videos and infographic study material which makes learning more thought-provoking, accessible and enjoyable .


Get Rewards for studying

Collect coins for every minute spent studying and unlock rewards for grabbing a snack, buying cool stuff, going for movies and more.


  1. Video Lectures

    Interactive, engaging and explanatory byte sized animated and classroom video lessons will help the students learn concepts faster and retain them longer.

    Video Lectures
  2. Practice Question Bank

    Practice to deepen your understanding of concepts by solving high-quality questions with detailed solutions to make the real exam seem like no big deal.

    Practice Question Bank
  3. Adaptive Assessment & Test Series

    Created by experts our test series truly challenge you to get it right. Extraclass creates a real exam like atmosphere for you to score better.

    Adaptive Assessment & Test Series
  4. Get Rewarded for Studying

    Extraclass encourages and rewards hard work. Students collect points while studying which they can redeem for buying cool stuff and experiences.

    Get Rewarded for Studying

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Extraclass

What is Extraclass? is the world's first platform to reward kids for studying. We are wired to believe that our work should be rewarded, so at we make study rewarding for students.

How does it work

How does it work? rewards efforts and not the outcome. We monitor the amount of time spent by a kid studying and reward points accordingly. you can earn points by watching videos, practicing questions or taking a test.

What types of rewards are there

What types of rewards are there?

Students can redeem the point earned while studying for various type of reward categories. For example, eatables like pizza, burgers, ice cream etc, wearables like clothes, shoes etc. sports equipment like rackets, balls, cycle etc.

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Get Rewarded for Studying.

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