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Gujarat Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board

The Gujarat Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board (GSEB) was established in the month of May in 1960 which took the responsibility of administering and regulating the higher education system in the state. It also prepares and prescribes the syllabus and textbooks in the affiliated schools. The Gujarat Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board (GSEB) […]

Make A Career Choice Through Social Media

For many people, social media is simply a collection of online tools that enable communities to share information, communicate and very well socialised. In the broader sense, social media is described as a process whereby individuals and groups build a common understanding and meaning with contents, communities, and Web 2.0 technology. Social media provides people […]

5 Tips To Crack CBSE Board Examination in Easy way

As we know that each year various candidates appear for the Examination of the CBSE Board Examination. We bought this Article in regard to the CBSE Board Examination which plays a significant role in student life. They help in gaining knowledge as well as in releasing where we stand among our competitors. It’s like a […]

9 Factors That Drastically Affect Your Brain

Perhaps the brain is the most mysterious organ of our body. Scientists constantly learn new facts about their work, but there are still many puzzles. We have decided to introduce you to the most striking discoveries of recent years in the field of neurological research, which will probably surprise you. Prolonged stress destroys your head […]

Why Should Students Learn Online?

Online learning facilitates and freedom appeals to a variety of first-timers, yet there are apprehensions about the difference in the quality of education because it is also full of many problems compared to the traditional system of education. First of all, to participate in prestigious schools or colleges, a fat amount still needs to be […]

Why E-Learning Makes More Sense

Have you ever wondered what would it be like to teleport yourself from your room to your classroom and back, saving so much of time and effort? Or, if you could go back in time and attend that chemistry class you missed last Friday? Good news is – you can! No, we have not yet […]

7 Things Every Science Student Needs To Know

Welcome to the world of science! Over the span of next few years, you will be exploring your interests, developing insights in varied realms, enriching in critical analytical skills, learning about the most fascinating topics, and in the process evolving into a better version of yourself. With superfluity of opportunities at your disposal, you may […]

Know Your Learning Style | Extraclass

Everyone has their own level of thinking, our brain uses many senses to receive and process information, so everyone has their own level of retaining that information. Learning can be done in a more efficient way if one comes to know his/her learning style. So, are you interested in knowing your learning style? This can help […]

4 Science Tips to Accelerate Your Learning – Extraclass

Lock yourself in your room, leaning over the books from morning till night, for months on end, no time for friends, leisure or gym. This is the routine of many people studying for college entrance exams. This frenetic work pace is considered normal for those who are preparing for a major challenge, but it is not […]