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Extraclass empowers eduction and tutor to teach more effectively.

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Teach with Extraclass

  1. Make a Difference

    Contribute to a students life by sharing your knowledge and experience pure joy of giving!

    Make a Difference
  2. Great Pay

    Get paid for your expertise at a fair rate. Top Extraclass tutors make more than INR 80,000/- per month!

    Great Pay
  3. Flexible Schedule

    Choose when you want to teach and how much. Extraclass sends you tutoring opportunities that work around your schedule!

    Flexible Schedule
  4. Awesome Community

    Become a part of a large teaching community from all over India, make friends and learn from each other!

    Awesome Community

Earning Potential


Rupees 25,000+


Up to

Rupees 2 80,000+

Start Tutoring in Three Simple Steps

  1. 1. Create Account As A Tutor

    Sign up and complete a simple registration form online.

    Create Account As A Tutor
  2. 2. Show Your Knowledge

    Pick a subject or topic of your choice and take an exam to test your skills.

    Show Your Knowledge
  3. 3. Tutor With Us

    Post certification, profile will be created to tutor students on your time.

    Tutor With Us


What is is India's leading premium home tutoring service. has a network of highly qualified and certified teachers who are academically strong, disciplined and committed to meet the individual needs of a diverse student audience and positively impact their learning outcomes.

How is different from other platforms?

Unlike most platforms who collect lead information and sell to multiple interested parties at once. With a mission to reinvent the tuition class, provides trained and certified teachers of choice to parents to help their child in academically excelling in school and other competitive exams.

Does this mean that I have to travel to a student's home and teach?

Yes, is a home tutoring platform where teachers are required to travel to student's home. Our AI-powered technology ensures that you do not travel far and teach students in and around your locality.
What is the approximate distance that I have to travel? With today's traffic I don't want to travel long distances. uses the most advanced GIS algorithms to minimise travel time of teachers. This ensures that you will get students very close to your chosen location of teaching.

Do I need to pay any fee to for registration?

No. Tutor registration on is absolutely FREE.

Does take a fixed percentage of the tuition fee?

Yes. taken a small 5% charge for every class. This charge is deducted at the time of remitting tuition charges to the teacher.

Who collects the tuition fee? collects the tuition fee from parents on a monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or annual basis. We simplify and manage all administrative, clerical, financial tasks and encourage tutors to focus on teaching effectively.

What is a demo class?

A demo class is an opportunity for the student and the parent to check knowledge, compatibility and comfort level of their child with you before finalising you as a tutor.

Will I be paid for the demo class?

As an industry practice, demo classes are for free. Demo class acts as an avenue for parents, student and teacher to know each other before finalising the tuition classes. You will NOT be paid for the demo class.

I have received a request for a demo class. Should I prepare?

Absolutely. Please brush up on the relevant syllabus and go prepared for demo class. Please note that in case the parent does not want to go with you for tutoring classes beyond the demo class , our internal system may mark your quality score down. Go fully prepared to ensure a successful demo class.

I planning a vacation. What should I do?

In case of planned vacation, please ensure that you have informed the parent in advance so that a suitable replacement can be arranged. You should also update your profile so that you do not get any new tuition request.

Does have any teaching method or study material that I need to follow? follows a "T4" methodology where human intelligence and artificial intelligence work in tandem to help students score higher in exams. provides AI-powered technology, best in class tutorials and curriculum based mock tests for all grades to help tutors in teaching effectively. Tutors should assess the level of understanding of the student and adjust your teaching style and material accordingly. Please note that some parents may have specific learning objectives for putting their child through tuition and would want you to follow specific book/material.

My profile details are incorrect. How do I change it?

You can login to your dashboard and change your profile details. Certain details like academic qualification etc. cannot be changed from dashboard. Please send a mail to and we will be happy to make the changes.

I am not getting any tuition requests. What should I do?

Please ensure that you location details are correct in your profile. Increasing the location preferences would help in getting more tuition requests.

I am receiving very few requests as compared to few months back. What should I do?

Check your performance parameters in your dashboard. Good response rate and higher demo class success rate are important to get new student requests.

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