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Mission: Reward Kids for Studying is an online learning platform that curates services for students, parents and teachers to thrive. We are wired to believe that our work should be rewarded, so at we make study rewarding for students. is designed to meet the individual needs of a diverse student audience and bridge the gap between learning and mastering concepts by understanding student's capabilities and interests.



Extraclass (registered as Examable E-learning Pvt Ltd) is an Ed-tech company envisioned by IIT Bombay alumni, focusing on improving students academic performance in various examinations in India.



Since inception, Extraclass has helped more than 1000 students across Delhi NCR by providing the personalised tuitions for all subjects of students studying in classes 6th to 12th.



We have trained and empowered more than 1000 tutors with advanced technology that helps the student learn as well as excel in all the field of education.

Jeet Sir

Persainjit Singh

CEO / Co-Founder

Persainjit Singh (Jeet) is a seasoned management consultant with more than 12 years of consulting, industry and ed-tech experience. He has envisioned and created a digital learning platform which is used by more than 1 lac students in India.

Jeet Sir

Prakash Gupta

COO / Co-Founder

Recognized in the coaching industry as an exemplary teacher and an authority in Mathematics teaching, his vision and dedication of over 12 years has resulted in more than 10,000 students to crack IIT-JEE exam.

PG Sir

Advanced Bug

Qualification:   B.Tech, IIT

Part of the Solution

Qualification:   MCA

Keeps it real

Qualification: B.Tech

Understands binary

Qualification: B.Tech

The Loco-in-Motion

Qualification:   MBA, IBS(B)

Finding your X

Qualification: B.Tech, IIT

Always breaks it down

Qualification: GATE & NET

Thinks like a Proton

Qualification:   B.Tech



Sells Ideas not stuff

Qualification: B.Tech

Never says Later

Qualification:   B.Com

Competence Donor

Qualification:   B.Tech, IIT

Stays in CMYK

Qualification: 2D, 3D, Animation

Treats objections as Requests

Qualification:   B.Com

If it bleeds, he crops it

Qualification: B.Com

I am not fat, I am bold

Qualification: MBA

Happy Teacher



Happy Parent



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